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ACT Committees

Exam Committee:
Dr. Leo Brito (Chair-2 yrs remaining) 2015
Dr. Jack Smith (Past Chair - final year) 2014
Dr. Kara Kolster (Vice Chair-3 years remaining) 2016
Dr. Reed Holyoak (ACT Secretary- 3 yr term) 2016
Dr. Marco da Silva (4 years remaining) 2017
Dr. Carlos Risco (5 years remaining) 2018
Dr. Michelle Kutzler (6 years remaining) 2019
Are you a Diplomate interested in becoming a member of the ACT Exam Committee?

Scientific Information / Abstract Committee:
Dr. Ram Kasimanickam (chair) 
Dr. Sandra Ayres 
Dr. Fernando Campos-Chillon

Dr. Igor Canisso
Dr. Sherrie Clark
Dr. Maria Soledad Ferrer 
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Nominating Committee:
Dr. Gary Althouse (chair)
Dr. Sara Lyle
Dr. Chuck Estill
Dr. Margo Macpherson

Awards Nominating Committee (2014):

Dr. Barry Ball (chair)
Dr. Richard Fayrer-Hoskens
Dr. Rob Gilbert
Dr. Mushtaq Memom
Dr. David Pugh
Dr. Don Sanders
Dr. Christine Schwizer

Awards Nominating Committee (2015):

Dr. Sara Lyle (chair)
Dr. S.H. Cheong
Dr. Maria Soledad Ferrer
Dr. Cheryl Lopate
Dr. Donald H. Schlafer
Dr. Pete Sheerin
Dr. Regina Turner

Training/Credentialing Committee:

Dr. Brian Whitlock (chair - 2014)
Dr. Milan Hess (2013-past chair)
Dr. Ahmed Tibary (chair-2015)
Dr. Etta Bradecamp (2017)
Dr. Claire Card (past ACT president)
Dr. Bruce Christensen (2016)
Dr. C. Scott Bailey (2018)

Job Task Analysis Committee:

Dr. Ram Kasimanickam (Chair)
Dr. Sherri Clark-Deener
Dr. Maria Soledad Ferrer
Dr. Dale Paccamonti
Dr. Donald Sanders
Dr. Ahmed Tibary


Mission Statement

The mission of the ACT is to promote animal well-being, reproductive health, responsible breeding and genetic practices, and efficient management of breeding-age animals in agriculture, veterinary practice, zoos, preserves, and ecosystems. In particular, the ACT envisions development of focus areas in theriogenology to incorporate the following in theriogenology/reproductive medicine:

1. Population control for domestic and non-domestic animals including feral animals, free-ranging and captive wildlife.

2. Genomics in livestock and companion animal practice.

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