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Committee Members
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ACT Committees

Current committee members are listed below. 

Click here for information on the Exam Committee

Click here for information on the Training/Credentialing Committee

Click here for information on the Scientific Abstract Committee

Exam Committee:

Dr. Kara Kolster (ACT Secretary- 3 yr term) 2022
Dr. Patricia Sertich (Past Chair - 1 year remaining) 2020
Dr. Brian Whitlock (Chair - 2 years remaining) 2021
Dr. Julie Cecere (3 years remaining) 2022
Dr. Ahmed Tibary (4 years remaining) 2023
Dr. Joann Randall (5 years remaining) 2024
Dr. Soon Hon Cheong (6 years remaining) 2025

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Scientific Information / Abstract Committee:

Dr. Julie Gard (Chair)
Dr. Juan Romano (Past Chair)
Dr. Betsy Coffman
Dr. Candace Lyman
Dr. Jennifer Roberts
Dr. Orsolya Balogh

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Nominating Committee:

Dr. Richard Hopper (Chair)
Dr. John Dascanio
Dr. Cheryl Lopate
Dr. Dale Paccamonti

Awards Nominating Committee (2020)

Dr. Dirk Vanderwall (Chair)
Dr. Timothy Evans
Dr. Milan Hess
Dr. Aime Johnson
Dr. Audrey Kelleman
Dr. Richard Linhart
Dr. Peter Morrow

Awards Nominating Committee (2021)

Dr. John Dascanio (Chair)
Dr. Dinesh Dadarwal
Dr. Robyn Ellerbrock
Dr. Allan Gunn
Dr. Milan Hess
Dr. Audrey Kellman
Dr. Stuart Meyers

Training/Credentialing Committee: 

Dr. Reed Holyoak (past ACT president – 1 year term)
Dr. Cindy O'Connor (Past Chair)   
Dr. Todd Anderson (2020 Chair)
Dr. Chance Armstrong (2021 Chair)
Dr. Lynda Miller (2022 Chair)
Dr. Carol Margolis (2023 Chair)
Dr. Rochelle Jensen (2024 Chair)

Appeals Committee:

Dr. Kara Kolster
Dr. Jennifer Koziol
Dr. Charles Love
Dr. Juan Romano

Committee to Define Theriogenology Sub-competencies for Graduating Veterinary Students:

Dr. Reed Holyoak
Dr. Todd Anderson
Dr. John Dascanio
Dr. Natalie Fraser
Dr. Hilari French
Dr. Kara Kolster
Dr. Jack Smith

Maintenance of Certification Committee:

Dr. Herris Maxwell (1 year remaining) 2020
Dr. Jessica Rush (Chair; 2 years remaining) 2021
Dr. Lauren Pasch (3 years remaining) 2022
Dr. Michela Ciccarelli (4 years remaining) 2023
Dr. Chris Winslow (5 years remaining) 2024
Dr. Matt Dredge (6 years remaining) 2025

Supporting the committee:
Dr. John Dascanio
Dr. Charles Estill



Mission Statement

The mission of the ACT is to promote animal well-being, reproductive health, responsible breeding and genetic practices, and efficient management of breeding-age animals in agriculture, veterinary practice, zoos, preserves, and ecosystems. In particular, the ACT envisions development of focus areas in theriogenology to incorporate the following in theriogenology/reproductive medicine:

1. Population control for domestic and non-domestic animals including feral animals, free-ranging and captive wildlife.

2. Genomics in livestock and companion animal practice.

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