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Exam Committee Info
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ACT Exam Committee Member Information

Diplomates who are interested in serving on the ACT Examination Committee should be aware of the following:

1) The time commitment to the committee is a total of 6 consecutive years: 3 years as a general member, 1 year as the sub-chair (in charge of the practical exam), 1 year as the chair (in charge of the written exam), and 1 year as the past chair. With the exception of extreme extenuating circumstances, committee members should be committed to this term of service.

2) There is substantial time commitment involved in the preparation and grading of the exam. As a general member, you will be assigned a number of essay and multiple choice questions to edit and review for correctness of content, wording and understandability (10 – 20 hours). As sub-chair, you can anticipate at least 50 – 60 hours to prepare the practical examination. As chair, you can anticipate at least 150 - 200 hours to prepare the examination. All committee members meet twice annually, first in January for exam preparation and discussion of the already edited questions and again in August or September to give and grade the exam. The January meeting is generally a week long, with 12 – 16 hour days. The August meeting is 3 days long with 12 – 16 hour days.

3) Benefits of being on the Exam Committee include yearly review of all species and comparative aspects of our College (great continuing education benefit and intellectual stimulation), knowledge that you are assisting in probably the most important aspect of the College – the testing and admission of new diplomates. Benefits include great camaraderie and collegiality with your fellow diplomates. Travel expenses associated with the Certification Examination Committee are paid for by the college.

Diplomates interested in serving on the exam committee should ensure that they are willing and able to commit to the time requirements that the committee demands. Interested diplomates should email or write the Committee sub-chair (or any other current committee member) with their intentions (alternatively, anyone on the Executive Board or the management group can forward these emails to the Exam Committee). They should provide a short background detailing their professional background and species preferences.

Interested parties that fit the committee’s needs for that particular year will be contacted by the exam committee member prior to the conclusion of the annual meeting. Interested parties must understand that generally only 1 new committee member is required each year and that there will be specific needs for the committee in the replacement of the committee member who is retiring. Therefore, although some interested parties may not be needed in a particular year, they may be needed at a later date. A list of interested diplomates will be maintained by the committee sub-chair; this list will be consulted when a new member is needed. Interested parties should not be disappointed if they are not selected in a given year, but rather be patient, until their specific qualifications will best serve the committee.

The members of the Exam Committee deeply appreciate the willingness of any diplomate to serve on this committee.

Mission Statement

The mission of the ACT is to promote animal well-being, reproductive health, responsible breeding and genetic practices, and efficient management of breeding-age animals in agriculture, veterinary practice, zoos, preserves, and ecosystems. In particular, the ACT envisions development of focus areas in theriogenology to incorporate the following in theriogenology/reproductive medicine:

1. Population control for domestic and non-domestic animals including feral animals, free-ranging and captive wildlife.

2. Genomics in livestock and companion animal practice.

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