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American College of Theriogenologists, Presidents

1971-1973 David E. Bartlett (two-year term)

1973-1974 Fayne H. Oberst

1974-1975 Lloyd C. Faulkner

1975-1976 William M. Adams

1976-1977 Barton L. Gledhill

1977-1978 William Wagner

1978-1979 C.J. (Bush) Bierschwal

1979-1980 Edward C. Mather

1980-1981 Richard A. McFeely

1981-1982 Robert S. Hudson

1982-1983 Maarten Drost

1983-1984 Willis G. Parker

1984-1985 Robert S. Youngquist

1985-1986 Charles E. Martin

1986-1987 Brad Seguin

1987-1988 Howard L. Whitmore

1988-1989 Ronnie G. Elmore

1989-1990 Shirley D. Johnston

1990-1991 Stanley M. Dennis

1991-1992 Alfred B. Caudle

1992-1993 Theodore (Ted) F. Lock

1993-1994 Patricia N. Olson

1994-1995 Chester (Chet) L. Rawson

1995-1996 Walter R. Threlfall

1996-1997 Dwight F. Wolfe

1997-1998 Michelle M. LeBlanc

1998-1999 Dickson D. Varner

1999-2000 Louis F. Archbald

2000-2001 Carla L. Carleton

2001-2002 Richard Fayrer-Hosken

2002-2003 Dale L. Paccamonti

2003-2004 Douglas A. Freeman

2004-2005 Margo L. Macpherson

2005-2006 John Steiner

2006-2007 Margaret Root Kustritz

2007-2008 Gary Nie

2008-2009 Ahmed Tibary

2009-2010 Charles Estill

2010-2011 Augustine Peter

2011-2012 Steven Brinsko

2012-2013 Claire Card

2013-2014 Gary Althouse

2014-2015 Barry Ball

2015-2016 Sara Lyle

2016-2017 Ram Kasimanickam

2017-2018 John Kastelic

2018-2019 Reed Holyoak

Mission Statement

The mission of the ACT is to promote animal well-being, reproductive health, responsible breeding and genetic practices, and efficient management of breeding-age animals in agriculture, veterinary practice, zoos, preserves, and ecosystems. In particular, the ACT envisions development of focus areas in theriogenology to incorporate the following in theriogenology/reproductive medicine:

1. Population control for domestic and non-domestic animals including feral animals, free-ranging and captive wildlife.

2. Genomics in livestock and companion animal practice.

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P.O. Box 168
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P: 334-395-4666
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